Day One. Hi

Hello Fabulous Internet,
Today I’m starting a blog (There’s a funny story about that later), and I thought it would make sense to tell a little about myself and why I’m making this blog. I’ve wanted to make a blog for some time, but have been putting it off because of the nature of the things I want to say– some of which are popular belief and many of which are not. I thought of starting several blogs, all catering to one or another of the many groups I find myself a part of, but somehow that felt wrong. Being one part of myself doesn’t feel genuine, and being afraid of the consequences of being truthful to myself seems unfair. However, networking and being in the middle of such unusual groups requires great delicacy and is a constant balancing act of niceties. So for sake of being as truthful as I can without jeopardizing the balance I’ve worked so hard to maintain, I will be using a pen name. With that in mind, let’s begin.

Hi! My name is Carter Memrick. I’m currently a regular run of the mill 19-year-old girl and I’m trying to figure my way through life. A list of some of the controversial things I am related to is as follows. I am:

  1. A Christian. Not because my parents are. Not because I think I’m better than anyone else. Not because I think “this many good things will buy my way into heaven” (because Christianity isn’t supposed to work like that), but because I personally believe that I. Need. A. Savior. and that everyone does. (This does not mean that I don’t have friends outside this group or that I am disrespectful of people who believe differently than I do.)
  2. Polysexual: similar to bisexual but includes other types of people like hermaphrodites, and even more people who slip through the cracks. However I am NOT polyamourus. (Here’s a helpful link or you can just google “what is polysexual?”)
  3. In support of equal rights (Whether for gender equality in the workforce, or the right of two consenting adults to get married, or regarding race and equality)
  4. In support of a person’s right to life, pertaining to specifically a fetus’s right to life, but also to the mother’s right to life if carrying the child to term could threaten her life. (I will probably address this in a future post)
  5. A personal believer that casual relationships based on just sex cause fucked up perceptions in this world and lead to a lot of people to live a life craving love without knowing how to find or give real commitment.
  6. A person who doesn’t have a problem with swearing. Although I find blaspheming( G** Damn, Oh my G**, Je*** Chr***, etc.) offensive because I am a Christian and I try not to disrespect other people’s beliefs so I ask the same of people I consider my friends.
  7. All for controversial conversations (even though I’m not personally a fan of conflict) because I believe people should be allowed to have opinions and express them.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but you can see how this could potentially cause a whole lot of stress when built up because, most of these are not very popular viewpoints. But I’ve decided that this is going to be my outlet for my actual opinion, as I work up my courage to do this in the real world.
And while all the above things will make great posts and discussions some day, I’m sure, I also want to talk about random things that I’m dealing with in my crazy life like:

  1. My traveling adventures (my dad works for Delta Airlines and my mom is from Europe so I love to travel and will probably be going on a trip soon)
  2. My living situation. I’m currently in Washington state (even though my parents are in Georgia) but I want to go back to Japan for at least a year or two (I was living there before on my own for a little)
  3. My fears and revelations about life
  4. Encouragement
  5. Responses to common media trends/happenstances
  6. Dating/attractive people
  7. And a slew of other topics

So I hope you’ll forgive me for the wordy rant. But I wanted to start somewhere, and hopefully get to someplace else. Until next time.

Love, Carter ❤